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Vanquish - Design

Offering a masterful blend of art, technology and craftsmanship, Vanquish is the very essence of Aston Martin distilled into one beautifully sculpted car.

Vanquish - Design


Purity of design, precision execution and exquisite quality are some of the key themes that drive the Vanquish. Fusing the aesthetic with the functional – crucial in a car of the Vanquish’s performance potential – requires a meticulous approach: Every line is agonised over, every shutline scrutinised to ensure it enhances the visual flow and contributes towards aerodynamic balance.


Vanquish is the first Aston Martin to use Carbon-Fibre for all of its body panels. Boasting an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio, this advanced material reduces mass and increases structural rigidity. It has enabled the design team to realise amplified, muscular forms that would otherwise be impossible to produce in conventional materials and provided the engineers a superior platform on which to create a truly dynamic driving experience.


When creating Vanquish, our engineers succeeded in creating more space without significantly increasing the external dimensions of the car through intelligent design solutions. The dash panel, brake and accelerator pedals have been moved forward, while the rearward travel of the front seats is extended to further increase legroom. The resulting significant gains in head, knee, elbow and shoulder room create an environment that is tailor made to cross continents in one easy stride.


In addition to the greatly increased space for you and your passenger, we have ensured there is generous space for your luggage. Thanks in part to the Carbon-Fibre construction of the rear body structure, boot space has been increased by 60% to 368 litres, meaning long weekends away playing golf, continental adventures or a simple trip into the city are all easily accomplished.


Supple leather, cool metal and smooth glass provide delightful visual and tactile contrasts that could only be Aston Martin. A particular highlight is the leather upholstery. The seats feature complex welts while contrast stitching, intricate hourglass quilting and a near-limitless choice of further personalisation options are available.

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